01. Define the essence

Define a set of key elements or phrases that capture the heart of you and what it offers. The essence is meant to capture emotional elements of you and your values. It defines what makes you unique and what experiences you want your audiences to have.

02. Make emotional links

Form a relationship between you and your audience by appealing to their emotional state, ego, needs, and aspirations. Having an emotional component to your messaging is more likely to be viewed favorably instead of being like a soulless corporation.

03. Gift gifts of delight

Delightful attributes are reliable, usable, comfortable, and delivered beyond the expectations of the audience. When we infuse delight into our designs, the audience can develop a sense of attachment towards you.

04. Inspire people to act

People Matter. We craft an immersive, empathetic, and clear human story to inspire audiences toward taking targeted action and being ambassadors for you.

“Our 25-year track record stands testament to being a catalyst of building brands with passion and zest. Intentionally design thoughtful initiatives to tickle audiences’ senses and lead them to take targeted action is in our blood.”

Roger Siu

Founder +
Creative Director