(10 + 9) x 8 x (7 + 6) + (5 + 4) x (3 + 2) + 1 = 2022

To reign in the new year and mark the occasion of our website’s renewal, we are starting a story series featuring global voices across all walks of life, on how they relate with and use creativity in their daily life. Also, stay-tuned to the Journal section of our tips, observation, current events, and reports.

We would love to hear your stories and must-know events happening in your communities. Drop us a line anytime.

Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye.

— Mary Lou Cook

But wait, there’s more!

We are giving away freebies in the near future! Who doesn’t like freebies? 😉 Let us know who declines freebies, we will make sure they will change their minds.